Twitter, re-imagined.

Fast, powerful, beautiful, and custom.

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The ultimate Twitter client - only for Android

Talon comes jam-packed with all the features and customization you wish you could get out of the original Twitter app. Try it out, you will never look back.

  • Make it yours
  • Powerful, smooth, beautiful
  • Share all types of media

Make it yours

Talon is 100% personal. Choose from thousands of theme and color combinations. Pick the style that works best for you. You shouldn't have to compromise on your Twitter experience.

Powerful, smooth, beautiful

The best Android has to offer. Beautiful, intuitive, and no learning curve: just how an app should be.

Share all types of media

With Talon, share what you want. Send pictures, videos, funny GIFs, and more.m

The best features to stay social

Maximize your experience with Talon. You won't find the same features or the same style anywhere. Talon is unique, beautiful, and powerful. Here are just a few features, to give you a preview of what you are getting:

Total customization

Customize color, notifications and more, throughout the app.

Custom swipable pages

Swipe between lists, mentions, your timeline, and any other Twitter content.

Web previews

See instant previews of any web articles, YouTube videos, and more - right on your timeline.

Beautiful layouts and animations

Talon doesn't just get the job done. It wraps your timeline in a powerful, fluid layout.

Favorite user notifications

Set up favorite users and get notified when they tweet.

Save tweets for later

Don't want to publically like a status, but want to remember to come back to it later? Now you can.

Night mode

Your perfect companion to optimizing your night-time Twitter sessions.

Block users

Stop annoying spammers. We know they are there.

Mute and muffle tweeters

Don't want to see the tweets from someone, but don't want to block them either? Mute/muffle instead.

Tweetmarker to sync devices

Move seamlessly between your phone and your tablet, without losing your timeline position.

Data saver mode

Disable background jobs to save your data.

Background sync modes

Never fall out of date or miss tweets again. Tweets can be downloaded in the background.

Do-not-disturb mode

Prevent distractions while you need to get stuff done.

Schedule tweets

Make sure your tweets gets sent out, at the right time.

Media ready

Share GIFs, videos, images, and more.