Android development, done right.

Our Work

What sets Klinker Apps apart as one of the most innovative teams in the world? These are some of our biggest and best products to date.

Pulse SMS

We built, designed, then sold one of the top SMS apps on Android.

Talon for Twitter

Beautiful, quick, simple – embracing the best of Material Design, wrapped in the most social service on the web: Twitter.

Source (News Reader)

The best content on the web at your fingertips. Simple, smooth, fast. All your news, all in one place.


A text messaging replacement for the power users. All the features you never knew you needed, total customization, and a whole lot of options.

Our Mission

Design and build the most beautiful and powerful apps on the platform.

Klinker Apps, Inc. was started in January 2013, when my brother Jake and I were freshman at the University of Iowa. As Computer Engineers, we were given the unique opportunity to share our skill set while continuing to learn and adapt our techniques to the latest design and efficiency standards. Now, as a one man operation, I work hard to provide the best possible support to users and fans. I am trying to craft what I think is the best all-around experience for the end user: you.

The Team

The people working day and night to keep you connected, social, and loving your tech.

Luke Klinker

Owner, Designer, and Engineer
Making awesome apps to keep you entertained. I do everything from design and development to support. The main, and only, face of Klinker Apps.

Jake Klinker

You won’t find me with Klinker Apps any longer. I moved to San Fransisco to work for Google! Look for my work across all the devices you use every day.